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Withdrawal Requirements

Withdrawing from a Course
During the first week of the Fall and Spring terms, students may add or drop courses. After the first week of classes, students are expected to complete the courses for which they are enrolled.

A student who finds it necessary to drop a course after the first week of classes must withdraw officially from the course by (a) consulting with his or her faculty advisor or the Office of Advising and obtaining an appropriate signature (freshmen must meet with a faculty advisor), and (b) completing an Add/Drop form and following the procedures in the Office of Registration and Records.

For a course officially dropped on or before two-thirds of its completion, a W (withdrawal) will be entered on a student’s permanent record. A request to withdraw from a course after the 10th week of classes in the Fall and Spring terms will not be accepted unless this action is approved by the instructor and the registrar. A student who does not follow these procedures will receive an F for the course(s) not completed.

Withdrawing from the College
Elmhurst College students who wish to withdraw from the College during a term of enrollment should complete the procedure outlined below:

  • Initiate intention to withdraw with an academic advisor in the Office of Advising.
  • Upon being advised of policies, consequences and options of withdrawing, the student is provided with the following guidelines:
         a. Prior to the drop deadline of each term–Traditional Program Student: The student initiates the withdrawal procedure in the Office of Advising.
         b. Prior to the drop deadline of each term–Nontraditional Student: The student may fax his or her withdrawal to the Office of Registration and Records.
          c. After the drop deadline of each term, the student must provide sufficient documentation to the Office of Advising for withdrawals after the drop deadline and the documentation must be approved.
  • Referrals will be made to the Office of Student Affairs when a Leave of Absence request is also to be initiated with any withdrawal.
  • The student is referred to the Registrar for approval of withdrawal, accompanied by sufficient documentation, including a doctor’s note, if the withdrawal is past the drop deadline.
  • The student proceeds to the Office of Registration and Records to withdraw from courses and checks with the Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid to clear any financial obligations to the College.

A student dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons need not complete the withdrawal procedure.

Withdrawal Policy for Military on Active Duty
Any currently enrolled student going on active military duty needs to consult with the offices of Advising and Registration and Records to determine whether to withdraw from all registered courses or to take incomplete grades and complete the courses later. If the student needs to withdraw or take a leave of absence, the offices of Advising and Registration and Records will process the appropriate paper work. The student must provide a copy of the official military orders.

If the student takes incomplete grades for the current term, no tuition aid adjustments will be made to the student’s account, and the student will be given permission to extend payment of any outstanding balance due. If the term of active duty is extended beyond a reasonable period of time, as determined by the instructor and Registrar, the student’s grades will be changed to W grades (withdrawal) and tuition charges will be adjusted so the student is not penalized financially for the withdrawal. Students presenting an original copy of their orders to the Office of Student Accounts will be allowed to withdraw from current term courses and receive a full refund for tuition.

Students who live on campus and are required to report for military service will be released from residence life and dining services contract obligations. Charges for residence and dining services will be prorated based on the date the student checks out of their room or apartment.

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