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Computing for the Campus

The Office of Information Services provides general-access computing and communications facilities for the entire Elmhurst College community, including a high-speed campus network linked to the Internet, personal computing labs, central e-mail service, online computing resources through the A.C. Buehler Library and help desk services. The department consists of 19 full-time staff, with another three part-time and three student workers and is principally located in Suite 301 at 180 W. Park Ave. as well as in the first floor of Daniels Hall.

Services and support are delivered through the director of computer services and four functional areas by a team of dedicated professionals under the leadership of the College’s chief information officer.

Administrative Systems
This area is responsible for providing various Information Systems (IS) services in order to support campus operations in relation to technological needs. This is done through a variety of processes including systems analysis, systems design, systems maintenance, application development, application implementation, product evaluation, training and troubleshooting. Its goal is to maintain the highest quality of support for current IS needs, and to gather and evaluate information to most appropriately solve any future campus IS need.

Academic Technology Support Services
This area is responsible for providing assistance to Elmhurst students, faculty and staff in the use of computer related technology. If you do not know where to get help, this is the place to start. Questions about computer hardware and software, networking, accessing the network from off-campus, obtaining an e-mail or technology account and much more are answered by this group. If your request is better handled by someone with more expertise in a particular area, help desk staff members will refer you to the appropriate technical contact.

Institutional Research and Assessment
This area is responsible for gathering, assembling, analyzing and communicating data from a variety of sources to a range of audiences on campus and off. Additionally it has responsibility for serving as the primary data resource for the College’s academic, co-curricular and administrative assessment and program review efforts.

Web Applications and Information
This area is responsible for creating and maintaining the internally focused web-based communication channels through which information developed via the College’s institutional research efforts and other means is disseminated on campus. It manages both technology and interactions across the campus, and is a resource for the College as it more fully leverages the knowledge and information it generates to enable new forms of instruction, make Elmhurst more attractive to prospective students, engage alumni, attract grant and other funding and build strong connections with partners in other settings.

For specific technology help and support, please visit the help desk or contact us for immediate service.

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