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Major in Theatre Arts Education

The major in theatre arts education has as its primary purpose the preparation of students for positions in secondary and middle schools as teachers of drama and theatre arts. The major prepares students to become effective teachers by balancing theory and practical application and by giving students valuable insights in the operation of curricular and extracurricular programs in theatre. Students who plan to seek licensure should maintain a relationship with both the Department of Education and the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. Students are required to pass the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency to be admitted to a licensure program and the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) prior to program completion.

Please note: Students seeking secondary teaching licensure in theatre are encouraged to consider obtaining an endorsement in secondary English.

Required Courses
Students majoring in theatre arts education must take the core courses for the theatre major and the following six courses:

COM/THE 325 Oral Interpretation
THE 301 Voice and Movement for the Stage
THE 340 Creative Drama
THE 424 Directing
THE 440 Teaching Theatre Arts
ATA, ATD, ATT (private instruction in Acting, Directing, or Design and Technology; two terms at .50 credit)

One of the following:
THE 238 Introduction to Design
THE 328 Intermediate Design for the Stage
THE 338 Costume Construction
THE 428 Design for the Stage

NOTE: Students must complete the professional education requirements as established by the Department of Education and the State of Illinois.

Core Courses
THE 226 Acting Technique I
THE 227 Development of the Theatre
THE 228 Stagecraft
THE 329 World Theatre and Drama in Cultural Contexts
THE 350 Play Analysis
THE 498 Theatre Capstone (in conjunction with area of concentration)

Two of the following:
THE 314 History of Musical Theatre
THE 331 History of Western Theatre I
THE 332 History of Western Theatre II

One of the following:
ENG 336 Contemporary Literature: Drama
ENG 345 Shakespeare
THE 470 Avant-Garde Theatre
THE 471 Holocaust Theatre
Theatre literature elective

As part of the theatre core, theatre majors are required to participate actively in the mainstage production season at Elmhurst College. If not cast, the student must participate in some other capacity. Enrollment in a minimum of six terms total of THE 175/275/375/475 Theatre Practicum for credit or non-credit and/or THE 176/276/376/476 Musical Theatre Practicum for credit or non-credit is required regardless of date of entry into the program.

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