» Major in Health Science Technology

Major in Health Science Technology

Health science technology is a specialized major for students planning to apply to our affiliated health care partners leading to additional training in one specialized area of health care. In addition to successfully completing courses for the major and Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum, students must apply to an affiliated program for chiropractic medicine, diagnostic medical sonography, nuclear medicine technology, pharmacy, or radiation therapy. The coursework requirements for this major were established in collaboration with off-campus hospitals and academic programs that have agreements with Elmhurst College. For more information, see the College Catalog or contact Tamara Marsh, chair of the Department of Biology. Information on the affiliations can be found here.

Core HST Courses (required)
BIO 200 General Biology I
BIO 201 General Biology II
BIO 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology IA
BIO 208 Human Anatomy and Physiology IIA
BIO 300 Human Genetics and Society, or BIO 315 General Genetics
HST 400 Scientific Terminology
HST 498 Senior Capstone
COM 213 Public Speaking
CHM 211 General Chemistry I
CHM 212 General Chemistry II
CHM 311 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 312 Organic Chemistry II
PHY 111 Elementary Physics I
PHY 112 Elementary Physics II
MTH 132 Elementary Functions
MTH 345 Elementary Statistics
CS 111 Introduction to Software Applications, or CS 220 Computer Science I

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