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Advising and Registration RSVP for Transfer and Readmitted Students

1.Contact Information
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Intended major
12.Please provide your top choices for an Advising and Registration date; first choice:
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Placement and Proficiency tests are offered on the advising date with the exception of the Writing Placement Test.

Should I take the math placement or proficiency test? (Allow 1 hour)
The following majors should take the math placement test if you are NOT transferring in a college-level math course:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
All Business majors
Computer Science, Computer Game and Entertainment, Information Systems
Math majors and minors

Ask your admissions counselor about any math courses you’ve taken at previous colleges.

The math proficiency test provides students the opportunity to test out of the math proficiency requirement of the ECIC if they have not already done so with previous college math or ACT math score of 22 or higher.

NOTE: Both tests are offered in the same place at the same time. If you need either, simply indicate yes on RSVP.

Should I take the computer technology proficiency test? (Allow 1 hour)

If you have not already met this requirement (see Transfer Credit Evaluation), you can choose to take this test on the day you are advised. Or, you can choose to take a course at Elmhurst to satisfy this requirement.

Should I take the foreign language placement test? (Allow 1 hour)

Take the French, German, or Spanish placement test if you studied one of these languages in high school, but did not complete two full years of language.

Take the French, German, or Spanish placement test if you want to continue one of these languages at Elmhurst, but did not take any college level course in that language.

Should I take the writing placement test? (Allow 2 hours)

Many transfer students have already completed two college-level composition courses. Ask your admissions counselor about any composition courses you’ve taken at previous colleges.

If you haven’t taken any composition courses, consider taking the Writing placement test.

Please contact the Advising Office at (630) 617-3450 to schedule a date for this test as it is not offered on transfer dates.

Note: Students with an ACT Composite score of 29 or higher [SAT score of 1900 or higher] may register for the second composition course [English 106] without taking the placement test.

All placement/proficiency test details will be included in your reminder letter closer to your actual advising date.

Plan to take the Math Placement/Proficiency Test?

15.Plan to take the French Placement Test?*
16.Plan to take the German Placement Test?*
17.Plan to take the Spanish Placement Test?*
18.Plan to take the Writing Placement Test?*
19.Plan to take the Computer Proficiency Test?*
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