Discover Your Path to a Life of Achievement

The Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum Will Help You Get There

At Elmhurst you’ll benefit from a powerful blend of thought-provoking classes and real-world adventures. We call it the Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum (ECIC). It’s our way of helping you discover your own unique path to a life of achievement.

We get you ready for a rapidly changing world.

You’ll choose from a broad menu of courses that will help you grow as a critical thinker, a communicator, a change agent and a citizen of the world. You’ll come to find that complex problems won’t faze you—and easy answers won’t satisfy you. Above all, you’ll gain a new level of confidence—about what you know and what you can do.

Think of it as a workout for your brain.

In the same way that athletes cross-train to build their fitness, ECIC is designed to put all of your intellect to work—from problem-solving to communicating, from analyzing data to thinking creatively.

We illuminate the intersections of disciplines, so your growth in one area will deepen your understanding in others.

Maybe you’ll consider climate change in your chemistry class. Or discuss globalization in a world literature course. Or debate ethics in a genetics class. You’ll make intriguing connections between diverse subjects—and in the process, you’ll become a more accomplished and agile thinker.

You’ll be in demand.

The numbers don’t lie: A 2012 national survey of 200 top employers found that 93 percent actively seek graduates with an education in the liberal arts and sciences. Why? Because they value employees who think independently, communicate effectively and have the confidence to solve problems. Our curriculum pairs a broad foundation in the liberal arts with real-world professional experiences like internships. It’s a combination that will make you a valued contributor in any workplace.

You’ll be in charge.

Our curriculum is designed to put you in charge of your own education. It introduces you to new ideas, while adjusting to accommodate your interests. You’ll develop strengths you never knew you had, and explore subjects you never knew would be so interesting. It’s an ideal way to identify your true passions—and put them into practice.

You’ll join a community of learners.

ECIC doesn’t mean that every student takes the exact same courses. (We don’t believe in cookie-cutter education.) But it does mean that all Elmhurst students share a common focus. From your first day on campus, you’ll team up with your classmates—aspiring artists alongside budding scientists, teachers-in-training next to nursing students—to better understand the world beyond campus. In the process, you’ll learn a lot about each other, and a lot about yourself.

You’ll put your skills to work in the world.

ECIC helps you identify your talents and passions—and we give you lots of opportunities to put them into action. You’ll learn not only from our dedicated faculty, but also from mentors from the professional world. You’ll gain valuable experience through internships and shadowing experiences. You’ll grow by helping others in service projects on campus and around the world. A lot of schools talk about the value of service and of pre-professional experiences. We made them part of our curriculum.

The goal?

To shape yourself into the most complete, most competent, most confident person you can be. And we’re ready to help. The benefits will last long after you have graduated.

For information about how it all works, see our Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum pages.

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