Everyone’s Talking About Elmhurst

The National Media Rankings Say the College Is an Unbeatable Value

Each year, Elmhurst makes an impressive showing in the national media rankings of top colleges. The growing buzz about the College only confirms what a lot of people around here have known for a long time: that Elmhurst offers an exceptional, and surprisingly affordable, college experience. In case you missed it, here’s what people are saying about Elmhurst.

We’re one of the Midwest’s great colleges.

U.S. News & World Report placed Elmhurst in the top 8 percent of its annual quality rankings—which means we’re at the top of the heap among small colleges in the Chicago area. And we ranked 11th among more than 100 Midwestern colleges and universities. That’s one more sign that our abundant research opportunities, amazing internships and dedicated faculty add up to a truly extraordinary education for you.

And we’re a great value, too!

U.S. News put us in the top 10 of its Best Values in the Midwest category. In other words, we’re a “great school at a great price.” Only two of Illinois’s 95 colleges earned that distinction. We make Elmhurst affordable by awarding financial aid to 98 percent of our students. The average award: a generous $26,700.

We get our students ready for success.

We ranked in the top 7 percent of all colleges in Money magazine’s survey, which measures alumni career earnings relative to the cost of education. Put another way: We deliver a lot of value for your tuition dollars, and our graduates tend to become big earners.

You’ll put your talents to work in the world.

Forbes magazine’s rankings, which also measure alumni success, placed Elmhurst among the top colleges in Illinois. Why do our alums do so well? We think our innovative program of professional preparation helps. From your first day on campus, we help lay a foundation for career success. You’ll find thousands of internship options, a corps of professional mentors to advise you and plenty of opportunities to test-drive your career ambitions in the real world.

We work hard to help you thrive here.

We’re proud to be on the U.S. News list of A+ Colleges for B Students. We find that students with potential and the willingness to work hard can do some amazing things. That’s why our professors work closely with students—so you’ll get the support you need to succeed. “People here are constantly supporting you,” says Keli Kliebhan, a business major. “They never give up on you.”

We offer “endless opportunities.”

The Princeton Review has ranked Elmhurst among the best in the Midwest for 11 straight years in its annual student survey. Students responding to the survey praised us for our “great financial aid” and “intimate academic experience” and said that Elmhurst offers “endless opportunities” for growth. Or as Katie Evensen, a communications major, put it, “Your professors really care about you here. They want to see you grow, and they help you along the way.”

You’ll meet a few thousand new friends.

The Princeton Review praised our “optimal location,” with students saying they enjoyed both the classic quiet of our “gorgeous” campus and the urban adventure of nearby Chicago. But they really loved the welcoming vibe at Elmhurst. “People are nice, fun and friendly,” one student said. It’s no wonder so many students say this place comes to feel like home.

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