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Course Offerings

One unit of credit equals four semester hours.

BUS 263 Accounting and Financial Management for Non-Business Majors
1 credit
A study of the basic concepts of accounting and financial management and their applications to business processes, business analysis and business decisions. This course is not open to majors in business. It is open to students desiring to minor in business administration.

COM 311 Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace 
1 credit
This course explores communication within the context of professional interpersonal relationships. Topics include interpersonal communication concepts, monitoring the internal and external environmental factors of a professional interpersonal relationship, determining the relational context, identifying the appropriate communication channel for interpersonal exchanges at work, and reducing unintended messages. Students will demonstrate their understanding of diversity and acceptance in their professional interpersonal relationships. Students will prepare a formal team presentation and a written analysis of their communicative experiences in a professional interpersonal relationship.

COM 312 Small Group Communication 
1 credit
Designed to explore the nature of group processes, the course emphasizes effective task group discussion, decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution. Personal leadership skills and observational and analytic skills are developed through structured group communication activities.

COM 315 Intercultural Communication 
1 credit
Both cross-cultural and intercultural aspects of communication, verbal and nonverbal, are examined in domestic and international cultures. Cultural differences in values and beliefs are also examined. Important dimensions of communication are treated in specific contexts such as medical, business and social. In addition, students will be asked to analyze their own intercultural variables and communication behaviors. Overall, this course will build cultural awareness and knowledge of how to transcend cultural and ethnic differences to build community through communication.

COM 319 Business and Professional Communication 
1 credit
The course improves the speaking and listening skills that are essential to effective communication in a range of business and professional settings. It includes a systematic approach to informative and persuasive presentations, principles of interviewing, small-group problem solving and oral briefings.

COM 320 Organizational Communication 
1 credit
The focus is on the application of communication principles to organizational contexts. Students examine communication theories within organizational frameworks, and study strategies for diagnosing communication-related problems within organizations.

COM 321 Case Studies in Organizational Communication
1 credit
A course designed to analyze problems and issues in organizational communication through case histories, exercises and projects. The course takes a case-study approach, focusing on typical communication difficulties in organizational contexts. Prerequisite: COM 320.

COM 323 Applied Conflict Management and Negotiation 
1 credit
This course is designed to develop students' conflict-management and negotiation skills in professional contexts. Students will explore the inevitability of conflict and how to respond to it while maintaining working relationships. Students will also develop the ability to determine when negotiation is appropriate and/or necessary. The course explores effective communication techniques to employ in conflict and in negotiation. Students will learn how to apply appropriate skills based on relational and environmental contexts.

COM 450 Leadership & Communication
1 credit
The course provides an overview of the relationship between the principles of communication and the phenomenon of leadership. Students undertake an analysis of varied leadership approaches and their communicative content, and engage in qualitative research exploring the nature of leadership as a product of human communication.

COM 491 Capstone for Organizational Leadership and Communication 
1 credit
In this capstone course students will apply the theories, concepts and skills learned throughout their academic program to solving an actual organizational problem. Students will work with approved organizations to identify either a problem to be solved or a change to be implemented. In this supervised project students will develop a formal presentation and a written document. Students must be enrolled in the OLC program to take this course.

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