Campus News

New Labs for Biology Department

Funded in part by a grant from the state of Illinois, the new facilities feature smart technology, safety equipment and dedicated prep space.

Student Research

Biology Major Wins Research Grant

Jessica Keys will spend the summer in Tennessee, investigating a microbe that thrives in inhospitable conditions.

Student Research

Studying the Genetics of a Bivalve

Chelsea Karson has presented the results of her biology research at national conferences in Kentucky, Colorado and Washington.




Biology—the science of life and living organisms—offers a fascinating exploration of the origin, growth, structure, function, evolution and distribution of animals and plants. Studying biology at Elmhurst College provides a gateway to challenging opportunities in medicine and related health care fields, graduate study and research, teaching, and many industrial, agricultural and environmental applications.

Students of biology at Elmhurst discover the breadth of the science through the biology core curriculum, which emphasizes major concepts and the interrelationships among the subdisciplines of the science. This exposure to the broadest aspects of the science enables students to develop their areas of special interest through knowledge and experience in the field. Beyond the basics, the faculty has outlined several course sequences for biology majors preparing for career-oriented specialty areas.

The study of biological science can lead to an array of career opportunities, ranging from health care and veterinary medicine to teaching, agriculture and research. While many Elmhurst alumni have pursued academic careers through further study at graduate and professional schools, others have crafted successful careers directly from their undergraduate work. Elmhurst biology graduates are practicing physicians, dentists, veterinarians, osteopaths, optometrists, physical therapists and pharmacists.

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