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Course Offerings

BUS 371 Introduction to Global Business (4 semester hours; 1 course credit)
This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the various facets of international business. Starting with basic trade theories, it covers the mechanics of the foreign exchange market, international finance and accounting, marketing, cultural differences, and management strategy under the international environment, organizational structure and practices of the multinational company, and international institutional arrangements. The course is taught from the state-of-the-art perspective with discussions on current economic and business problems. Fulfills the Global Society general education category requirement.

BUS 380 Principles of Accounting (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
A study of the accounting cycle, the accounting process, and accounting statement preparation and analysis.

BUS 381 Excel-Based Decision-Making Tools I—Statistics (2 semester hours; .5 course credits)
An introduction to the basic concepts of probability and statistics for the student in business management. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability distributions and random variables, hypothesis testing, forecasting, and linear regression.

BUS 383 Accounting for Management (2 semester hours; .5 course credits)
A study of the use of accounting data by managers with an emphasis on the use of accounting data as a basis for intelligent business decisions in planning and control.

BUS 386 Management (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
An introduction to the theory of management and the structure of the organization. Topics include the integrative functions of management, objective setting, decision making, the behavior of the individual within the organization, and the role of human resources management in carrying out the mission of the organization.

BUS 387 Business Communication (2 semester hours; .5 course credits)
Development of skills of effective written and oral business communication and an understanding of the communication process and factors that interfere with effective communication within the organization.

BUS 389 Marketing Management (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
A study of the theory, concepts, and practices of marketing, emphasizing decision making as it relates to the formulation and implementation of effective marketing strategy.

BUS 480 Excel-Based Decision-Making Tools II—Operations Research (2 semester hours; .5 course credits)
A study of the typical operations research techniques and their applications in business. Topics include inventory theory, queuing models, and simulation models with an emphasis on interpretation of results.

BUS 481 Managerial Finance (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
A study of the methods of developing financial policies with an emphasis on capital investment analysis, cost of capital, and cash-cycle decisions.

BUS 484 Business Policy (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
An integration of the basic business disciplines for business policy formulation using the case study method.

BUS 489 Capstone/Project (1 semester hour; .25 course credits)
A supervised project, intended to draw from previous course work, utilizing effective research techniques in solving an actual business-related problem. This capstone project is presented to the faculty.

ECO 315 Critical Thinking About Economic Policy (4 semester hours; 1 course credit)
Basic economic frameworks applied to the analysis of contemporary economic issues. The development of student abilities to analyze and reach a policy conclusion is emphasized. Students will work together in small teams. Fulfills the Human Behavior general education category requirement.

ECO 380 Fundamentals of Economics for Management (3 semester hours; .75 course credits)
An introduction to the topics and analytical tools of micro- and macroeconomics. Topics include the analysis and study of competitive and noncompetitive markets, labor markets, the role of government, inflation, unemployment, fiscal policy, banking, monetary policy, and international economics.

PHL 310 Ethics and Business (4 semester hours; 1 course credit)
A study of ethical theory as applied to individual and corporate behavior in business as it functions in a complex society. Fulfills the Search for Humane Values general education category requirement.

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