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Students and faculty members talk about research and academic opportunities for science students at the College.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Elmhurst is a true scientific community. You’ll work alongside our first-rate faculty on exciting research. Ever wondered what it would be like to see your name on an article in a scientific journal? Or present original research at a professional conference? It happens for our majors because we know that the best way to see how science works is to start working like a real scientist. We believe in giving our chemistry majors the kinds of research opportunities normally reserved for graduate students at big universities. That means you can get a head start on developing the kinds of problem-solving skills and independent thinking that employers and the best graduate schools love.

Our professors get to know you and take an active interest in you and your future. They’ll be your partners as you grow as a scientist and find your own professional path. With your chemistry faculty advisor, you’ll chose a course of study that fits you and sets you on the path to graduate school, the health professions, the chemical industry or wherever you want to go. That’s the kind of guidance you’ll never find as an anonymous student in a giant university lecture hall.

From pharmaceuticals to forensics, from medicine to materials science, our programs will prepare you for success—whatever your field. We’ll get you ready to achieve in health-related fields like medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, in industrial or government research laboratories, or as a secondary-school science teacher. The programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are also an excellent foundation for careers in environmental studies, law, business, education, technical writing and editing, and scientific information retrieval.

You may also choose a minor in chemistry. And chemistry and biochemistry majors who are interested in technical sales, marketing or management may add a minor in business administration.

You’ll get a head start on success by taking advantage of our extensive internship, shadowing and mentorship opportunities. Elmhurst chemistry students are interns at prestigious sites like Abbott Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratory and McCrone Associates. Students interested in the health professions benefit from our Patterson Center for the Health Professions, which connects students with internships and many other professional opportunities. Some internships lead to full-time employment in desirable positions—and all provide the kinds of experience that make employers take notice. Another plus: you may receive college credit for your work.

You’ll develop the practical skills of a scientist as you learn the foundational principles of chemistry. Our labs boast the most up-to-date instrumentation, like our state-of-the-art Bruker 300 MHz NMR spectrometer. That’s our way of giving you the kinds of hands-on experience that employers and the top graduate schools love.

We believe in helping you become the most complete, well-rounded person you can be. Our liberal arts focus will cultivate your skills as a communicator, problem-solver and leader—and will prepare you to succeed as a scientist or in whichever field you choose. As an undergraduate researcher, you’ll learn to confidently explain your work, in writing and face-to-face. Our annual Research and Performance Showcase gives students the chance to present their work to diverse audiences. And some chemistry and biochemistry majors make presentations at honors and professional conferences across the country.

Our chemistry alumni enjoy professional success in a variety of exciting and rewarding career fields. Whether you want a career in pharmaceuticals, forensics, laboratory research, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, science education, chemical engineering, materials science, technical writing or even law, a chemistry or biochemistry major from Elmhurst—tailored to your specific goals—propels you in the right direction.

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