» Major in Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry

Major in Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry

This track is an excellent option for pre-med or pre-pharmacy students. It's also a great choice if you're pursuing a career in biochemistry, food and agricultural chemistry, medical technology, or another health-related field.

Requirements for the Major in Chemistry with Concentration in Biochemistry
Core Curriculum
CHM 211, 212 (or equivalent) Chemical Principles I and II
CHM 220 Advanced Chemical Principles
CHM 221 Analytical Chemistry
CHM 311, 312 Organic Chemistry I and II
CHM 412 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
CHM 413 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Statistical Mechanics
CHM 494 Independent Research
CHM 496, 499 Chemistry Research Seminar I and II
CHM 497, 498 Chemistry Literature Seminar I and II
MTH 151, 152 Calculus I and II
PHY 121, 122 General Physics I and II

Additional Course Requirements
CHM 315 Introduction to Biochemistry
CHM 316 Intermediate Biochemistry
CHM 423 Chemical Instrumentation: X-Ray/UV-Vis/AA
CHM 425 Chemical Instrumentation: LC/HPLC
BIO 200, 201 General Biology I and II
BIO 315 Genetics

Recommended Courses
BIO 416 Molecular Biology
MTH 341 Differential Equations
PHL 305 Philosophy of Science
Participation in January Term field experience, an internship, Co-op (Argonne), or CHM 492 Independent Study is encouraged during junior and senior years.

Chemistry courses with a minimum grade of C and taken within the last 10 years may be transferred into the department.

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