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Multi-Language Major

Often used as the first benchmark in the pursuit towards post-graduate degrees, the multi-language major is designed for students wanting to gain a significant level of proficiency in several languages as they prepare for careers in international development, foreign affairs, service to society, or for graduate school in fields such as linguistics or comparative literature.

Students must complete three courses at the 300/400 level, often beginning with 301, in the primary language; at least three courses in the secondary language through a minimum level of 202; and demonstrate proficiency through the 102 level in the third language. Also required are ICS 270, WL 468 (a .50 credit capstone internship), WL 451 Senior Research Capstone and two electives chosen from the provided list of courses in one of four tracks: foreign affairs, international development, pre-graduate study in the humanities or social service.

Students take two electives from one of the tracks listed below. Substitutions may be considered and granted through consultation with the chair of the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures:

Pre-Graduate Study in the Humanities
International Development
Foreign Affairs
Social Service

Pre-Graduate Study in the Humanities (linguistics, comparative literature and similar fields)
Choose two from the following:
ENG 220 Principles of Literary Study
ENG 415 Literary Theory (prerequisite: ENG 220 or consent of instructor)
ENG 416 History and Structure of English
WL 319 The Nature of Language
WL 320 Non-Western Culture via Literature and Film


International Development (business, nonprofit organizations, finance, economics, marketing)
Choose two from the following:
BUS 230 Principles of Marketing
BUS 250 Management Theory and Practice
BUS 271 Introduction to Global Business
BUS 375 International Marketing and Management (if student has taken BUS 271, 230, or 250 as other course in track)
COM 315 Intercultural Communications
ICS 275 Introduction to International Studies
PHL 310 Ethics and Business 


Foreign Affairs (foreign service, diplomacy, political science)
Choose two from the following:
GEO 311 Regional Study of Europe
GEO 317 Regional Study of Latin America
GEO 375 Geography and International Relations
HIS 303 U.S. Diplomatic History
HIS 305 Imperialism and Colonialism
HIS 364 History of the Far East
HIS 370 Latin American History: Civilization and Culture
POL 301 Comparative Politics: The New Europe
POL 302 Politics of Developing Nations
POL 307 American Foreign Policy


Social Service (international or domestic social services, faith or non-faith based)
Classes in Group A generally present issues and concepts of concern in social service. Those in Group B would then help students explore their own professional path. It is therefore recommended that students choose one from each group. (SOC 211 Society and the Individual: Introductory Sociology is a prerequisite for all sociology classes.)

Group A
PHL 306 Moral Philosophy
REL 230 Christian Social Ethics
REL 240 World Religions
SOC 301 Social Problems
SOC 310 Social Inequality

Group B
REL 280 Ministry: Callings and Practice
REL 281 Serving Society: Faith Perspectives
SOC 303 Introduction to Social Work


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