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Course Offerings

One unit of credit equals four semester hours.

IT 212 Computer Fundamentals and Logic 
1 credit
Discusses the basic features of a computer, binary numbers and ASCII codes, and the application of computer logic in the development of algorithms that solve problems in the business world. Also discussed: function-oriented versus object-oriented design.

IT 228 Computer Organization and Architecture
1 credit
Discusses the organization and architecture of the computer, including the functioning of the cpu, RAM, ROM, Boolean logic, truth tables, and I/O. Issues related to interfacing the computer to a network are covered, as is the role played by the operating system in controlling the hardware.
IT 232 Introduction to Programming in JAVA 
1 credit
The use of java in performing object-oriented programming (OOP) is discussed, with emphasis on coding algorithms that solve business problems. Also covered: features of the JAVA language, such as classes, objects, variables, control constructs, etc.

IT 312 Fundamentals of Networking 
1 credit
Presents a thorough discussion of computer networks and how they function under the direction of a network operating system (NOS). Also covered: the use and installation of NOSs, such as Windows 2000 Server and Linux, and protocols such as TCP/IP and network addressing.

IT 328 Principles of Internetworking 
1 credit
Covers the use of internetworking devices such as routers, gateways, switches, etc., in the construction of an internetwork. Also discussed: related issues such as network security and the methodology followed in developing a network for a small, midsize, or large business.

IT 348 Database 
1 credit
The types and uses of databases are covered. Students learn how to create a “realistic” relational database using software such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

IT 408 Web Design and Development
1 credit
Discusses how to create a Web site on the Internet or an internetwork, with emphasis on establishing a site in a business environment. Topics include HTML, XML, and JavaScript client-side programming.

IT 422 Client/Server Programming 
1 credit
Discusses Web site development with server side programming, using Active Server Pages or JAVA Server Pages. Also covered: the creation of static versus dynamic web pages.

IT 482 IT Project Development 
1 credit
A discussion of the lifecycle in the design, implementation, and maintenance of a significant IT project implemented in a business environment.

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