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Course Offerings

One unit of credit equals four semester hours. 

Core Courses

MBA 500 Organizational Management 
.75 credit
This course covers a broad range of topics surrounding the management of organizations. Course topics include behavior in organizations, strategic human resource management, current production and operations techniques, and organizational structure and design. Change management techniques will be discussed. Course activities will develop and strengthen students’ organizational decision making, analytical and communication skills.

MBA 501 Financial and Managerial Accounting
.75 credit
This course provides an in-depth exposure to the principles of financial and managerial accounting and the preparation, interpretation and analysis of general purpose financial statements for parties external to the organization. Topics such as cost behavior, activity-based costing, pricing, break-even and decision analysis, and budgeting and control are also covered. Emphasis is on the analysis and interpretation of accounting information and how financial statements interrelate, rather than on the preparation of different statements.

MBA 502 Analytical Tools for Management Decisions
.75 credit
This course adopts a hands-on and problem-based approach in offering students an overview of a number of data analysis and decision-making tools commonly encountered by managers in a business environment. The course will focus on helping students apply, with the aid of Microsoft Excel and other computer software programs, analytical tools such as statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, optimization techniques and project management.

MBA 503 Marketing Management 
.75 credit
This course is designed to examine the scope of marketing and the assessment of marketing opportunities in the current global business environment. In particular, the course will focus on the development of marketing mix strategies as they relate to the firm’s overall strategic marketing plan, implementation, control and effectiveness. Topics include: target market definition and analysis, segmentation, competitor analysis, strategic decisions involved in developing the marketing program, consumer buyer behavior, business to business marketing, global business, the role of marketing research and marketing information systems in the marketing decision-making process.

MBA 504 Financial Management 
.75 credit
This course is designed to examine the ways financial managers make their decisions at the corporate level. This course will focus on the decision-making process regarding cost of capital, capital budgeting, cash flow analysis, capital structure and other financial decisions. Prerequisites: MBA 500, MBA 501.

MBA 505 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Advantage 
.75 credit
This course focuses on how managers of organizations use the strategic management process to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Course topics include the analysis of external and internal environments, the impact of globalization on organizations, strategic decision making and competitive dynamics. Students actively participate in case study analysis, group decision making and computer simulation activities. Prerequisites: MBA 500, 501, 502, 503, 504.


MBA 508 Special Topics
.75 credit
This course will be offered occasionally as an MBA elective course in order to study topics of current relevance and interest which are not contained in the general curriculum. Prerequisites: Completion of the MBA core and permission of instructor.

MBA 509 Project Management 
.75 credit
Project Management teaches students the art and science of project management as applied to a variety of business and technology settings. Students will learn and practice project techniques that relate to the five phases of project management-initiating, planning,  executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing projects. The program allows students to immediately practice course concepts in various activities where they will create key project documents including a business case, project charter, scope statement, WBS, and a project plan.

MBA 545 Financial Statements Analysis 
.75 credit
This course is designed to introduce students to the analysis of financial statements from a
finance users point of view using ratios and modern financial theory. Emphasis will be on determining the health of an organization and the impact of certain events on the business and its financial statements.

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