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Minors in Music

Minor in Music
Minor in Music Production
Minor in Music for Education Majors
Minor in Theology and Church Music for Music Majors

Minor in Music
Students planning to minor in music must meet the following requirements:

  • Four classroom courses including MUS 135, 136, 343 or 344, plus one additional course;
  • Four terms in a performance group, at least two of which are in Elmhurst College performance ensembles; and
  • Three terms (six term hours) of applied music credit either in the same applied specialty or split with two terms in one and the third term in another specialty.

One-half of the total courses listed for the minor above must be earned at Elmhurst College.

Minor in Music Production
For students interested in a concentration in music production that prepares students for careers in media music, audio engineering, live mixing, record producing and more.

MUS 290 Digital Music I
MUS 291 Digital Music II
MUS 332 Production of Sound Recordings
MUS 333 Audio Engineering

Minor in Music for Education Majors
Contact the Director of Music Education for specific requirements.

Minor in Theology and Church Music for Music Majors
The Department of Music and Department of Religious Studies offer a linked program of study for students who want to serve the church through music. The curriculum provides a breadth of study in music and theology, as well as a foundation in one of the areas of the College's applied music program that assures a sustainable level of musical expertise. Individuals interested in pursuing this minor should make their intentions known in writing to the chairs of the music and religious studies departments.

The minor in theology and church music for music majors is awarded to students who have met the following requirements:

Completion of the courses and requirements for the B.A. in Music and the completion of the following courses:

REL 200 Biblical Studies and Contemporary Issues
REL 320 The Emergence of Christian Thought
REL 321 Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought
MUS 215 Music in the Christian Church
MUS 369 Conducting I (Half course)
MUS 492 Independent Study and Research: Church Music Field Work

Additional course work in theology, conducting, and orchestration is encouraged.

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