Nursing Master’s Entry


Students in the nursing master’s entry program at Elmhurst are required to complete 21 courses for a total of 70 semester hours.

Course Sequence
Fall (15 semester hours)
NME 501 Theories and Concepts for Advanced Nursing Role
NME 508 Foundations for Professional Nursing Practice
NME 521 Advanced Pathophysiology
NME 522 Advanced Pharmacology
NME 520 Advanced Health Assessment

Spring (16 semester hours)
NME 504 CNL Role: Patient Centered Care, Quality and Safety
NME 500 Epidemiology/Biostatistics
NME 503 Research and Evidence Based Practice
NME 509 Chronic Health Alterations across the Lifespan
NME 510 Acute Health Alterations across the Lifespan

Summer (11 semester hours)
NME 538 Management of Clinical Outcomes
NME 513 Family Health Nursing
NME 514 Mental Health Nursing

Fall (16 semester hours)
NME 505 CNL Role: Teamwork, Communication and Conflict Management
NME 502: Health Care System: Public Policy and Finance
NME 511 Complex Health Alterations across the Lifespan
NME 512 Community Nursing and Population Health
NME 525 Informatics and Technology

Spring (12 semester hours)
NME 524 CNL Role: Transition to Advanced Professional Practice
NME 523 Leadership in Systems and Organizations
NME 540 Clinical Nurse Leader Residency

Elmhurst College reserves the right to modify courses, schedules and program format without advance notice to students.

The nursing master's entry program is scheduled to begin in fall 2014. For more information, see Course Offerings or contact us.

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