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Tuition and Fees


Listed below are the basic costs of attending Elmhurst College. If you receive financial aid, your out-of-pocket costs could be much less.

All costs listed are subject to change without notice.

Full-Time Comprehensive Fee: $16,360 per term
Basic full-time course load of 3.00 to 4.75 courses (12 through 19 hours) for traditional full-time undergraduate students; accelerated programs for adult students are not included.

Part-Time Tuition: $3,724 per course
When registration is for fewer than 3.0 credits (12 credit hours), tuition is charged at the rate of $3,724 per course ($931 per credit hour).

Full-Time Charges
January Term
Payment Terms
Additional Information
Graduate Tuition and Payment Plans

Standard Room—Multi-occupancy per term $2,760
Single-occupancy per term $3,980


Per year—mandatory for all resident students

Bluejay Plan $4,750
Basic Plan $3,592
Lite Plan $2,724

Meal cards are also available for commuter students and they are valid for the entire academic year. Contact the Office of Student Accounts for details at (630) 617-3015.


Full-Time Charges

  Fall Term January Term Spring Term   Total
Tuition $16,360 n/a $16,360   $32,720


  Fall Term January Term Spring Term   Total
Tuition $16,360 n/a $16,360   $32,720
Room $2,760 n/a $2,760   $5,520
Basic Plan
$1,796 n/a $1,796   $3,592
Total $20,916 n/a $20,916   $41,832


January Term
(Undergraduate Courses Only)

If full time* for both Fall Term and Spring Term: No charge for one course.
If full time* in either Fall Term or Spring Term: $1,862 per course
If not full time* in either Fall Term or Spring Term: $3,724 per course
*Full time represents undergraduate students charged full-time comprehensive fee as described above.


Per Term

Orientation Fee  
  New full-time freshmen $225
  New Undergraduate transfers $ 75
Academic Technology Fee
(all full- and part-time students; per term)
Residential Network Fee (residents; per term) $ 75
Applied Music (excluding AMQ) $ 50


Payment Terms

Fall Term
January Term
Spring Term
Dates August 15 December 15 January 15

Elmhurst College offers two payment options for students who prefer to pay their tuition over time. If you don’t enroll in one of the plans, you must pay in full by the initial due date of the term indicated on your statement. 

Financial Aid
Financial aid, such as grants and similar aid awarded through Elmhurst College, may be deducted in calculating the amount due only when the student has received an award letter from the College and has accepted the aid by signing all required forms. Student loans do not meet requirements until loan notes have been signed by the borrower and accepted by the Federal Processor.

Financial aid questions should be directed early to the Office of Financial Aid at (630) 617-3075. Eligibility may be established for state and federal grants and low interest loans.

Outside Billing
When a student's employer or other agency under its tuition benefit plan authorizes a billing and will pay the tuition directly to Elmhurst College, service charges relating to the payment will be waived or removed provided the payment is received within six weeks of the beginning of the term. In order to participate in this program, the student must submit an official letter of authorization or tuition voucher to the Office of Student Accounts prior to or upon registration. The Office of Student Accounts bills the employer or other funding agency directly. Elmhurst College reserves the right to qualify the plan or reject applications that lack the appropriate authorization. Information regarding this payment alternative can be obtained by calling the Office of Student Accounts at (630) 617-3015.

Tuition Reimbursement
Some employers reimburse the employee directly subsequent to the completion of the term. Provisions for these types of reimbursement plans vary from employer to employer. Students eligible for tuition plan reimbursement plans may waive the requirement that tuition for the current term be paid in full prior to registering; however, a one-time $25 fee per term will be assessed at the time of registration.


Adjustment of Financial Aid when Students Withdraw*

There are three distinct ways financial aid funds are adjusted when a student withdraws. The State of Illinois and the Federal government each mandates treatment of their awards that differ from the College's policy.

Illinois Monetary Awards
If a student withdraws during the first week of classes, no portion of an Illinois Monetary Award is applicable to his/her tuition and fees. After the first week of classes, however, 100% of an Illinois Monetary Award, up to the adjusted tuition costs, is applied to the students' fees.

Federal Grants and Loans
The amount of federal grants and/or loans that may be applied to a student's tuition and fees is determined by taking the number of days the student attended as a percent of the number of days in the semester. For example, if the semester is 100 days long and the student withdrew or stopped attending on the 24th day of classes, then 24/100 of that student's federal grants and loans can be applied to their tuition and fees.

College Funds and Other Sources of Aid
The amount of College funds and/or other financial aid is adjusted at the same percentage rate as the tuition and fees withdrawal schedule used by the Office of Student Accounts.

* For financial aid purposes, withdrawal includes a leave of absence or any cessation of attendance.


Additional Information
For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Accounts:
(630) 617-3013
(630) 617-3014
(630) 617-3487 fax e-mail 


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