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Housing & Meal Plan Costs


Residence Life Housing Costs
Residence Halls for traditional undergraduates

Term Single Room Double/Quad Triple
Fall $4,099 $2,843 $3,790
Spring $4,099 $2,843 $3,790
Total $8,198 $5,686 $7,580

Notes:  There will be a room charge of $205.00 (multiple occupancy) and $304.00 (single occupancy) per week for January Term for those students who are not in residence for both the Fall Term and Spring Term.

A Triple Room is a quad size room with only three occupants.

Prospect Apartments/Elm Park Apartments/Campus Houses 
On-campus; available to undergraduate, junior and senior priority

Term Single Room* Double Room*
Fall $4,838 $3,787
Spring $4,838 $3,787
Total $9,676 $7,574

Undergraduate Apartments and Houses:  Note:  For students not in residence in both Fall and Spring Terms, there will be a January Term room charge of $270 double/$304 single per week for Elm Park, Prospect, Elmhurst Terrace Apartments and Houses.

Elmhurst Terrace Apartments
Near-campus apartment housing

Term  Studio      Single            Room*    Double             Room*
Academic Year




Per Term

  $ 5,898  



*Single room in an apartment or house is having your own bedroom but sharing the unit with others. Double bedroom is sharing a room and unit with others.

 Family Housing (Elmhurst Terrace Apartments, nearby campus)

Term 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom
Yearly Rate $16,408 $18,696


 Graduate Student Housing(Elmhurst Terrace Apartments, nearby campus)

Term 1 Bedroom   2 Bedroom, single room
Yearly Rate $16,408   $9,348


Meal Plan Costs
Elmhurst offers a variety of great food at reasonable prices for campus residents and non-residents alike. Whether you're at the Frick Center Cafe, the E.C. Grille, or the Coffee Shop, you'll find fresh food prepared daily on the premises. Students who live on campus choose from three different meal plans, all flexible.  Points not used at the end of term do not carry forward to future terms and are not refundable.

Term EC Light Cost Basics Cost* Bluejay Cost
Fall $1,403
January  $266 
$266 or $460  
Spring $1,403  
Total $3,072  
$5,158 or $5,352

*Standard Plan; The January plan is required for those in residence

Meal Plan Points
Apartment Plan: $450 for 450 points
Bluejay: 2,105 points per term or 131 points per week
Basics: 1,526 points per term or 95 points per week     
EC Light: 1,092 points per term or 68 points per week        

J-Term: 395 points per term or 98 points per week
J-Term Light: 207 points per term or 51 points per week

Selecting the right meal plan for me
When a student is awarded financial aid, their award is budgeted for the Basic Meal Plan.  If you have any doubt about what size plan to select, you may want to select a smaller plan.  Additional money can always be added to your chosen meal plan.  Unused points are not refundable.

Deadlines for Changing the Meal Plan Choice for the Coming Term
A meal plan can be changed only during specific periods and only for the coming term. 
Fall Plan: July 30, 2014
January Plan: December 12, 2014
Spring Plan: January 7, 2015
To change a meal plan, log into MyElmhurst, then MyHousing and MyDining and follow the directions.

Meal Plan for resident students in College Houses and Apartments
Apartment residents may purchase an optional Apartment Meal Plan. Apartment Meal Plans are for the full academic year and must be used up by the end of the academic year. All residents may add points to the meal plan by going online to TouchNet, or by going to the Office of Student Financial Services to pay with cash or with their student account credit balance.


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