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What's New?

Safety education is an important objective of Elmhurst College's Office of Campus Security. We offer a variety of free programs designed to help educate the College community about security issues.



Monday to Friday, March 31-April 4, 2014.  Campus Security Safety Alcohol Awareness and Off Campus Living Panel Display Case.  Located in ther Frick Center. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014Renting Off Campus Info Session.  "Nacho" plan to live on campus next year?  Come listen to Officer Vascik from the Elmhurst Police Department, Lt. Focht from the Elmhurst Fire Department, Lawyer Michael Devine from the law office of Deutsch, Levy & Engel, Chartered, Brain Stolper from State Farm Insurance, and Caroline Krause from Campus Security give you valuable advice for everything you need to know about living in a house or apartment off campus.  FREE NACHO BAR!!! Located in the Blume Board Room from 5-6pm.


Monday to Friday, May 5-9, 2014.  Campus Security Safety Summer Safety Tips Display Case.  Located in ther Frick Center.




Read the best selling book The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker and be prepared to discuss it at a future Book Discussion Event with Caroline and others who have read this amazing book. 

Summary of book: Perhaps we have a bad feeling about someone we've just met, or a little gnawing perception that a situation just doesn't "feel right," or perhaps even a fear that a co-worker might do something harmful. In this book, de Becker, a renowned expert on violent behavior, explains that instead of shrugging off these fears, we need to listen to them, see why we're having them, and act accordingly. Far from being silly intuitions, these fears can truly show when something is wrong and violence might be imminent; if listened to, along with information about how violent people behave, these feelings might protect us from harm. Using examples from cases on which he's worked and even from his own childhood of domestic violence, de Becker shows how instinct, and knowledge, can warn us of impending violence, whether by stalkers, family members, predators, or people in the workplace.

The book is very popular and can be found in bookstores in the area.

Questions or comments? Want to plan an activity for your club, organization or group of Elmhurst students?

Contact Caroline Krause, Assistant Director of Campus Security, at or 630-617-3291

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