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What should I do if I receive a bill, or need to be reimbursed, for services I received?

Physicians should bill the claims administrator. The billing information is on the back of your health insurance ID card. However, if you do receive a bill or if you have paid for a service and need to be reimbursed, please send your bill (and proof of payment if seeking reimbursement) to the claims administrator. You do not need an additional claim form. Make sure your name, health insurance ID number, and school name are on the bill. Make a copy for your records before sending to the claims administrator at the following address:

Health Smart Formerly Klais & Company, Inc.
1867 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44313-6977
Email: klaisclaims@klais.com

Is any other information needed in order to pay a claim?

If the treatment you received was a result of an accident, you will receive an email from the claims administrator asking for information about the accident, i.e. was it the result of a car accident, from playing sports, etc. You will need to log on to ‘My Account’ on www.klais.healthclaimonline.com to access the email and respond to the inquiry. Your claim cannot be processed without this information, so please respond to the email promptly. You may also receive an email asking if you are covered by any other health insurance plan. It is important that you respond promptly to this as well.

How will my claims be paid if I have other health insurance in addition to the Student Health Insurance Plan?

The Elmhurst College Student Health Insurance Plan has a coordination of benefits provision. This means your plan with Gallagher Koster will coordinate the payment of claims with your other insurance company. You will need to provide the claims company with information about your other health insurance company. Please refer to your brochure for details.

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